Celtic Iron KG Dumbbells


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Our Celtic Iron KG Rubber Hex Dumbbells are available in weights ranging from 5kg up to 30kg. The knurled handle measures 25mm in diameter for dumbbells weighing 2.5 – 5kg, and 35mm for dumbbells weighing 7.5 – 30kg.

Dumbbell training has long been the primary training method for athletes. Along with the variation in weight choice for different athletes, a good set of dumbbells can be used to mimic nearly all types of barbell exercises, while also offering a variety of single-arm, rehab-specific, and powerful movements in that can be done in limited space, something not possible with bars or most machines


  • Weight range: 5-30kg
  • Handle Diameter: 25mm for dumbbells weighing 2.5 – 5kg, 35mm for dumbbells weighing 5 – 30kg.
  • Heavy duty rubber encased head: reduces noise, damage to floor, and wear and tear on the dumbbells themselves.
  • Ergonomic chrome plated handle

With the exception of 5Kg and 7.5Kg, dumbbells are sold individually, not in pairs.

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